Bosun Garvey
20-foot (6.1 m) tape-seam sheet plywood outboard utility or workboat

Offshore Skiff
28-foot (8.6 m) tape-seam sheet plywood outboard cruiser or workboat

Mary Jemison
66-foot steel (19.8 m), 140-passenger dinner-cruise boat, designed to meet 16-foot (4.9 m) bridge clearance restriction

72-foot (21.9 m) charter schooner, Coast Guard certified for 49 passengers ocean, yet drawing just 4 feet 2 inches (1.27 m)

Vieques/Culebra Ferry
74-foot (22.4 m), 28-knots, aluminum 149-passenger offshore ferry

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Solar Sal 44
44-foot (13.4 m) 100% solar-electric passenger tour boat, the first of its kind! A zero-fuel motorboat!!